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Russia forbidden import from Brazil since 01. Dec 2017

With beginning of 01 Dec. 2017 Russia dosen`t allow to importe pork an beef meat from Brazil...

[Translate to english:] Investors from China buy meat companies in Argentina.

[Translate to english:] Because of given information, investors from China bought 3 meatplants from...

Free Trade Zone Kaliningrad

Free Trade Zone Kaliningrad will be stopped in April' 2016.

Those once, which invested last years...

Clients, whom have failed to pay the sum of open invoices to IPC Hormann GmbH, even after their receipt of a 3rd Reminder.

Company name, country, city, line of business:

  1. Tropex, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia
  2. Ing. Radek Tomanek, Czech Republic
  3. Agro-Vestplus s.r.o., Czech Republic
  4. Auroch S.A.R.L. , France